Jean Bailey Robor

Bringing an unforgettable experience to the stage. 

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Unforgettable Experiences

Jean will set your stage for opening keynotes and leave your audience with a customized wrap-up at closing keynotes.


Engagement coupled with entertainment and/or education is what makes Jean's breakouts memorable.

Virtual Experiences

Virtual doesn't just mean visual. Jean will facilitate audience interaction and share compelling stories that connect with your audience. 

A Bit About Jean

Jean Bailey Robor helps you create unforgettable experiences, offering in-person and virtual presentations. She brings 20+ years of experience in motivating, educating and entertaining audiences. 

A member of the Women's Speaker Association, Christian Comedy Association, American Association of Professional Coders, and Toastmasters International, Jean is a leader in personal and professional growth, leadership, and downright funny. She enjoys speaking to corporate, civic and faith-based groups. 

"My goal is to meet and exceed your expectations!" -Jean

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"Jean's message is dynamite! She is a work of excellence!"

Tempie Williams AIAAP, MIAB

"Jean is packed with passion! She is approachable, educated, and dedicated to helping people succeed. Jean has an ability to take complex issues and simplify them for her audience." 

Ryan Avery

World Champion Public Speaking

"I've attended several of Jean's workshops. She is a great presenter with fire and passion. She has a huge heart...and it shows when she speaks!"

Bryant Pergerson

Speaking Coach

"Jean's approachable and speaks with passion about how you can live a successful life. She shares from her own experiences and speaks from her heart. I highly recommend Jean for your next speaking event!" 

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